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Frequently Asked Questions


How much time does fostering take?

  • Most adult dogs in our program need a foster for just 2-3 weeks.

  • Puppies are a six-week commitment as they need all vaccines and preventatives to ensure they are healthy and will be protected from illnesses.

  • Some dogs require longer-term care for things like heartworm treatment (3 months), injuries, and surgeries. All dogs are heartworm tested prior to leaving the shelter so this will be a detail that you should know in advance.

What does it cost to be a foster family?

  • We cover all veterinary expenses. You provide the food, shelter, and love.

  • Veterinary care is given through our partnerships with local veterinarians. Most dogs will need at least two visits. Arrangements can be made to accommodate any schedule.

  • Even the IRS loves dogs. Save those receipts from high-quality dog food purchases to deduct on your taxes.

  • These lucky dogs will likely be adopted in Boston and the surrounding areas, so we ask that you crate train the dogs indoors while in your care.

  • And finally, the most important thing you must give to each dog is a tiny piece of your heart. And in return, you will be filled with love.

Why does Rescue Road only send dogs North?
The American Veterinary Medical Association published its U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook. Arkansas ranks #1 in dog ownership. Sounds good on the surface, but what does it really mean? Our shelters are full. Dogs are euthanized EVERY DAY throughout the state because there are too many dogs and not enough homes. Guess which states ranked the lowest? That's right, northern states! This creates a perfect partnership since this is where our partner rescue is based. There are plenty of families standing in line waiting to adopt dogs sent through our program.

So, can I adopt one of your dogs?

  • No. Once a dog is selected by our rescue partner in New England, the commitment is made for us to deliver that happy, healthy animal to them. They start matching dogs to prospective families the minute we pull a dog from the shelter.

  • In New England, there are more interested families than available dogs. In Arkansas, there are too many dogs and not enough homes. Once a dog is pulled, it is safe and waiting for its turn to catch a ride home. The ones left behind in the shelter, however, are not safe. That’s why fostering is so important. By pulling one dog, this frees up kennel space at the shelter and buys us a little more time for the next dog that takes its place.

How can I help?
Foster. We are always looking for foster families near our Central and Delta region shelter partners. The commitment is typically 2-6 weeks. We cover all veterinary expenses. You just provide food, shelter, and love.







If you have any additional questions, please email foster@rescueroad.orgWe cannot wait for you to join our team!



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