Not ready to fully commit? Want to try fostering for a couple of days just to see what it's like?

We regularly need fosters families for vacation coverage or just someone to fill in for a day or two.


Fill out our online foster application and let us know you are available for vacation coverage.

We will let you know when we have opportunities for you to help!



Still have questions?  Here's what to expect:


Support system.

  • We are always available to answer questions and to serve as your point of contact. You will not be handed a dog and told “good luck”! Some volunteers have flexible schedules and can even help you out by driving to vet appointments or to transport.


Veterinary care.

  • All preventative, routine, and emergency vetting is the responsibility of the rescue. Some oral and topical medications will need to be administered by the foster when needed. 


Choose the best fit.

  • Be sure to specify which kinds of dogs will fit best in your home. Some fosters like puppies; others like senior dogs. Some prefer 100+lb. dogs. Some can only take females because of a picky resident. The choice is yours! We won't tell if you're a glutton for chihuahuas.


Defined commitment.

  • Plan ahead by knowing your foster's exact transport date on the front end. After they are fully vetted, all of our dogs are sent to New England to be adopted. "Foster failing" is not an option! You're welcome.


Stay connected.

  • You will always be able to follow each pup's journey to their forever home. Our partners in New England maintain very active Facebook pages for foster and adoptive families. We're one big family of crazy dog ladies and fellas!


Thorough placement.

  • Your foster will be adopted ONLY after a lengthy application process which includes vet and personal references, home visits, meet and greets with all humans (and fur/feather/scaly siblings), etc. Our northern partner works hard to make sure each dog is a perfect fit for their new family!


Serve on your own terms.

  • You will never be nagged or guilted into fostering. If it is not a good time for your family, that is reason enough.


Opportunities beyond fostering.

  • Collect donated blankets, cleaning supplies (especially bleach and blue Dawn dish soap), toys, treats, and food for dogs in our partner shelters.

  • Help clean the shelter, wash linens, groom, photograph, or socialize the animals.

  • Assist with building maintenance emergencies. *If you live in the Pine Bluff, Stuttgart, Carlisle, Hazen, or West Memphis area and can offer any of these services to our shelter partners, PLEASE reach out to us! 



We hope this helps ease your mind about the fostering experience! We need you - but most of all the dogs need you! Email if you have any additional questions or fill out our online application to get started!




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